Camp in Nyon with Stade Toulousain

Playing like Stade Toulousain is now possible! The Stade Toulousain is relocating to Nyon, offering a 3-day experience to immerse in the club’s magic. Participants will train in the distinctive Toulouse style of dynamic play.

The program includes engaging in intensive and technical training with progressive exercises tailored to individuals and teams, adapted for various age groups. Throughout the stage, participants will learn the latest methods and technologies to enhance performance, guided by coaches trained according to professional standards.

As a bonus, participants have the chance to win an invitation to the Performance Stage at Ernest Wallon stadium in Toulouse. The stage is open to both genders born between 2015 and 2010 (2009 for girls only), with ongoing performance evaluations.

The location for this experience is Nyon, Switzerland. The package covers midday meals, and participants are responsible for their travel and accommodation. Required equipment includes cleats, mouthguards, tracksuits, and waterproof jackets.

To participate, a valid rugby license is required, along with a medical certificate clearing non-licensed individuals for rugby practice. The cost of enrollment is 245€, with the option of installment payments at no additional cost.

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